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Dyesha and Triesha McCants live in the Washington, DC metro area. The Switch is their first children’s book. Dyesha and Triesha enjoy nature and walking for fun. They LOVE meeting sets of twins and taking pictures with them.


They went to Morgan State University in Baltimore, MD, and graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education. They also have a Master’s Degree in Early Literacy from Cambridge College, Boston Mass. 

They have been teaching for 17 years and have taught all grades from Kindergarten to eighth grade. Dyesha is the reading teacher, and Triesha is the math teacher.


Both ladies enjoy reading and telling stories, and they hope that you enjoy this one.

Meet the Authors

Triesha and Dyesha


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The third book in the popular twin series,
The Misadventures of Tarah and Darah.


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The Misadventures of Tarah and Darah book series is available for purchase at in
paperback, hardcover, Kindle and now Audiobook.

Tarah & Darah



Tarah and Darah have hatched a hilarious prank. But, when they start to trick their friends, they realize that there's more to being twins than simply looking alike. Come along as the girls learn how to learn to love their differences as much as their similarities.


The twins, Tara and Darah, are at it again, but this time they are having some MAJOR DRAMA! One is dreaming of being a star in the bright lights, while the other struggles with trying to keep up. In this exciting second installment of The Misadventures of Tarah and Darah, find out how the girls deal with a bully and feelings of self doubt.

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The twins, Tarah and Darah, set out to have a fun day at the park but find a wonderful surprise and learn what it means to forgive. Join them in this third installment of The Misadventures of Tarah and Darah series, Home before Dark.

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